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Wammu 0.32

Wammu 0.32 has been just released. This is just a bug fix release with special bonus containing translation improvements.

Full list of changes:

You can download it from

Publicado em 12 de Janeiro de 2010 por Michal Čihař

Year 2009 summary

The year 2009 is over and it's time to summarize what has happened in Gammu world. There were definitely more changes, but these are the ones which stayed in my memory and thus should be the most important ones.

The biggest changes have happened inside Gammu SMSD. It has become separate binary, new DBI backend, monitoring capabilities and dozens of smaller bug fixes and improvements. SMSD is really starting to be more important part of Gammu suite now.

Gammu engine itself gained support for some new phones. The biggest improvements were done in various extensions to AT commands, so you now have much better support for Samsung and Motorola phones. However there are still lot of things to improve as most of functionality is currently read only.

Originally Gammu used to decode PDU (SMS data) by a little cryptic code, which used some offsets to actually read the parts of it. Last year this code was replaced in 6510 and AT driver by generic PDU parser, which is much safer and is able to handle better various error conditions. For 6510 driver this change was possible by analyzing lot of SMS file dumps and understanding it's structure instead of wild guessed offsets which were used previously and broke from time time.

The little technical change was that python-gammu is now part of Gammu sources. The reson for this is tight integration of those and it was anyway needed to release both at same time in past.

Besides all these changes, whole Gammu is more covered by test cases, what allows us to automatically detect more possible problems.

This moves us a bit to infrastructure changes. First important thing (which I did at DebConf, where several people finally convinced me to do this) was switch development to use Git version control system. For now our repositories are hosted at Gitorious and Later. in autumn, new website for both Gammu and Wammu was launched. It contains much more information than old one and all information is available in one place.

For Wammu, it was quite quiet year, most changes were only bug fixes and not much progress has happened there. Wammu would really welcome some fresh blood.

Publicado em 2 de Janeiro de 2010 por Michal Čihař

Wammu 0.31.1

Wammu 0.31.1 has been just released. This release just fixes minor issues found in 0.31 - compatibility with Python 2.4 and includes forgotten Czech man pages.

Full list of changes:

You can download it from

Publicado em 15 de Dezembro de 2009 por Michal Čihař

Wammu 0.31

Wammu 0.31 has been just released. This is mostly a bug fix release, with big improvements in IMAP export, fixes in XML export and other smaller bug fixes.

Full list of changes:

You can download it from

Publicado em 8 de Dezembro de 2009 por Michal Čihař

Czech variant of Wammu website

I just relaunched Czech translation of Wammu website. The translation is still far from being complete, but I think it is still usable for people not speaking English.

Since new Gammu/Wammu website has been lanched, the Czech version was a bit hidden. It did exist, however it was not promoted anywhere on English version. The reason for this was that there was too much text to translate and it took some time. Now the translation is at almost reasonable level, however any contributor is welcome to contribute

Publicado em 5 de Dezembro de 2009 por Michal Čihař