Baixe Gammu

Gammu versão estável 1.38.4

Lançado em 18 de Junho de 2017, veja a informação detalhada.

Source code

You are downloading Gammu source code. To compile it you need some development environment for your platform and CMake tool to configure the sources. There are also some optional requirements for additional features which are listed in INSTALL file in sources. This file also contains more detailed instructions about compiling Gammu.

This source tarball contains Gammu command line utility, libGammu library and Gammu SMSD.

Windows binaries

You are downloading Gammu binaries for Windows. The files are available as installer (.exe) or just an archive (.zip). The -Minimal variant has slighly less features compiled in and contains Gammu.dll, which you might use in external programs.

You might need to install Visual C++ Redistributable Packages to run Gammu.

Linux binary packages

Versão de desenvolvimento

Se você estiver interessado no acesso ao git ou snapshots do git, você pode encontrá-los na páagina do desenvolvimento.